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Allergies & Food Sensitivities

A non invasive way of discovering if the food and drink you consume is causing you to feel unwell.

There are many methods of allergy and sensitivity testing.  The most accurate being a blood test.  However there are so many different things that can be the possible allergen that it is not feasible to test for all of them this way.   If your Doctor believes you have a specific allergy such as gluten or dairy allergy they will possibly recommend doing a blood test. 

The patch test involves placing a sample of the test item under a patch, usually on your arm.  This can be very effective for skin problems.

Allergy testing is NOT a treatment and in itself will not cure any health issue.  Hopefully it can give you guidance in where to look as you take back control of your life and body.

At North Lakes Clinic you will be given advice on the foods to exclude from your diet and a possible repeat test may be suggested for a later date to see how/whether the changes you are making are helping you.

Some sensitivities can be dealt with by simply excluding them for short period of a few weeks, whereas others may require a drastic change to your diet.  Our aim is to help you with the transition.  If it felt that you would benefit from another therapy you may be referred to one of the clinics homoeopaths.

NB:  Sometimes an exclusion diet can initially cause a feeling of un-wellness.  This is normal and usually clears within a week or two, but it means that anyone with a health condition that might be seriously compromised by an exclusion diet should contact their GP first. For example those with diabetes should not exclude carbohydrates and sugars without medical advice.

Allergy Testing might highlight the causes of a number of common complaints.

Clients have reported back that after excluding certain foods they feel they were helped with conditions including….

  • · Eczema
  • · Hay fever
  • · Colitis
  • · Arthritis
  • · I.B.S.
  • · Anxiety
  • · Candida/Thrush

Or symptoms such as

  • · Headaches
  • · Rashes
  • · Sneezing
  • · Catarrh
  • · Intestinal spasms and stomach cramps
  • · Join pain
  • · Bloating
  • · Lethargy/Fatigue
  • · Hyperactivity
  • · Breathlessness
  • · Excess weight

It must be remembered that there may be other causes for any of these problems and that an allergy test may not give conclusive results.  You should always seek the advice of your GP if you have a long standing problem or one that is of concern to you.