Cirrus Dobinson

Fully qualified as a Crystal Therapist, along with Reiki, Ear Candling and Feng Shui consultations

Crystal Therapist, Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki Master, Ear Candling and Feng Shui consultations

I qualified in Feng Shui and Usui Reiki in 2002, then completed my Crystal Therapy and Ear Candling in 2004 and just recently qualified as an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher in 2011

Professional Body
I am a member of the Independent Professional Therapists International

My History
I became interested in complementary therapies about 20 years ago and have studied many different therapies over the years

A major life change came when I decided in 2001, to embark on a Feng Shui course and began training as a Reiki student. Having used crystals in my Feng Shui consultations, I was interested to know more about the beautiful world of crystals and continued on to train as a Crystal Therapist. I am always impressed with the way crystals help bring the body back into its natural state of balance.

 I recently was drawn to complete an intensive training course with Christine Core, foundered of Angelic Reiki. This enables me to give Angelic Reiki treatments. This new type of Reiki is non-judgmental and is of a very high vibration which is needed at present in our changing times.

I worked at the North Lakes Clinic from 2005 to 2007 and returned in 2011

Please call the clinic on 01900 821122 for more information or an appointment, or email for a leaflet if you are interested in any of my therapies at


Crystal therapy £30.00

Usui and Angelic Reiki £30.00

Ear Candling £25 first appointment, £20 follow up

Feng Shui consultations start at £150